About Us

“Before the internet, there was the ChurchNet”
-Mark Phillips, ChurchNet Advantage Founder

ChurchNet Advantage is a member organization created specifically for faith-based individuals and their families. Our purpose is to provide members with opportunities for a better life though our partnerships. With a focus on physical, mental and financial well-being for our members, ChurchNet Advantage brings together select partner companies with faith-based principles and best-in class-services.


Nothing is more important than your health and well-being.


Protecting your loved ones
is a priority.


Piece of mind that lets
you be your best.

Mission Calling


Our association benefits platform will always seek to build a pipeline of affordable health and wellness services for our members who typically struggle to afford these services.

Millions of Americans have been stranded, if not crushed, during the pandemic lockdowns. Crucially needed care and medical services have been postponed or utterly neglected.

The professional designer of our mental health careline – Charles Nechtem – boldly calls us forth;

“What if they don’t even have insurance? What if they have no recourse but to live their lives as physically and psychologically unhealthy people. We need to create a new protocol that, through counseling and earlier engagement, addresses these early issues and how they relate to the present.”

You don’t have to have any further qualification to join The ChurchNet Advantage Association.

We look forward to serving you and your family.

Get peace of mind for you and your family

For an annual membership of $99 per household, get peace of mind for you and your family with specialized, one on one healthcare not available anywhere else.